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January 15th 2013
by TinyTitsLuvr

GF forced to suck her boyfriend’s cock

Hot submissive girl sucking cockThis watch my girlfriend has done a very bad thing and now the only way for her to make things better is to give her boyfriend a really good blow job. Fortunately for everyone involved (herself, her boyfriend and everyone on watch my girlfriend) she does a very good job at cock sucking.

Her boyfriend certainly didn’t find anything to complain about. She just does this with such precision that it is nearly unbelievable for  someone who is not a pro at things like this. Of course, half way through the blow job, her boyfriend completely forgave her for whatever she did, but was not an idiot to tell her that and so he “allowed” her to finish her blow job. He can say “it’s okay, I forgive you” later, much later. Right now, he will just relax while she sucks him.

December 31st 2012
by TinyTitsLuvr

Hot babe is ready to be fucked by her boyfriend

Watch My Girlfriend - Sexy Dirty Blonde

This very hot watch my gf blond girl is about to be fucked in all of her little holes by her boyfriend. She first starts by sucking his cock slowly so his cock will get bigger. She likes this part very much, but she likes his big penis in her twat or in her tight ass hole even more so she lets him penetrate her deep and hard. Just the way she likes it best.

She wants to be as gentle as possible to her, but she just keeps asking for him to go harder and faster on her. So what can he do? Really what can a normal guy do when a babe as smoking hot as this watch my gf tells him to fuck her hard except to do as commanded and do just that.


December 1st 2012
by TinyTitsLuvr

Hot Asian chick resting after a good sex

Hot naked asian ex gfAsian girls are always hot, but this watch my gf Asian chick even more so. Right now she is only resting after a hard sex with her boyfriend, the evidence of their good time still evident all around the bed and some even on her. Asian girls always appear to be a little more reserved and traditional, but that is not the case with this watch my girlfriend. No, this Asian hotty is full of passion and wild ideas how to get sex more interesting for herself and her boyfriend. She is also quite the acrobat in the bed and can easily change positions in order for her boyfriend’s cock to better enter her pussy. There are few positions that are unknown to this babe, but that is only because she hasn’t heard about them yet. Once she does, she’ll try them.

November 15th 2012
by TinyTitsLuvr

Good looking girl is going to be fucked good!

Hot babe about to get fucked!This very good looking watch my gf babe may or may not have known this, but she will be fucked good after she gets out of that bathroom by her boyfriend. Maybe she already knew what was coming to her and was just preparing for the sex that was to happen or she didn’t and was in for some surprise, I can not say for sure but she did get fucked in the end. Did she like it? Of course she did, she always likes it when he fucks her, what kind of a stupid question is that?

This girl practicably lives for the moment when he gets his big cock into her pussy as he did this time also. Nothing will change that fact. Well, except for a bigger cock maybe, but we’ll let you see that too on watchmygf.com.

November 11th 2012
by TinyTitsLuvr

Big Boobs on SHOWCASE! Come and check em out!


Hot babe showing her barely legal big tits!This watch my gf girl really has some good breasts and we envy the guy that has the opportunity to play with them every day. This time, however, somebody has answered our prayers and have sent us this cool photo of her in her best. This picture was taken just before she was to suck her boyfriend’s penis. You can see that she is really looking forward to it.

Even though this would be the first thing she will do today, she loves doing that. Early in the morning or just before going to bed in the night, it matters little to her what time of a day it is. To her, any time of the day is good enough to suck some cock. And if her boyfriend wakes her up, she won’t ask why, but just take his cock in her mouth.